Entrepreneurs are clear about the business they want to do, but sometimes they ask themselves how to move efficiently in the accounting, financial, administrative and legal fields.

By relying on Fiduciaria Ferro SA, with the commitment and help of competent, efficient and friendly people, you will be able to handle your business quickly and professionally. This saves you time, avoids unpleasant surprises and helps you achieve the goal that is closest to your heart, whether it’s your business, family or hobby.

Real Estate Services

We offer you the best services in the Real Estate sector: evaluation, purchase and sale of objects both in Switzerland and abroad, selection of requests and publication of the property on a large scale.

Moreover, thanks to our experience as real estate promoters ( and beyond), we are able to support your projects through a feasibility study, an analysis of the financial situation and collaborations with various banks, as well as offering advice on how to promote and action aimed at the success of the project in relation to the reference market.

“This is what the future is for: to build the present with real life projects.”

Muriel Barbery – French writer

Casa Uni B 4.5 locali con giardino

6673 Someo
CHF 790'000.–
4.5 rooms
215 m2

Appartamento 4.5 locali 2P

6596 Gordola
CHF 895'000.–
4.5 rooms
138 m2

Bellissima casa indipendente bifamiliare con piscina e giardino

6572 Quartino
CHF 1'560'000.–
9 rooms
284 m2

Rustico con terreno

6683 Cerentino
CHF 375'000.–
5 rooms
100 m2

Appartamento 2.5 locali 1P

6596 Gordola
CHF 585'000.–
2.5 rooms
82 m2

Casa Ticinese con terreno

6593 Cadenazzo
CHF 850'000.–
5 rooms
210 m2