Trust Services


  • Tax returns for companies and private persons
  • Establishment and management of companies incorporated under Swiss law
  • Tax consultancy for company relocation
  • Tax consultancy for the acquisition or disposal of companies
  • Tax planning for private individuals and legal entities in the area of inheritance

Accounting Management

  • Setting up and keeping financial accounts
  • Closure of annual accounts and preparation of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts
  • Management of practices relating to salaries and social security contributions. Consulting and preparation of VAT statements
  • Preparation of liquidity and financial plans for loans, restructuring and start-ups

Corporate Advice and Development

  • Feasibility studies and assistance for new company locations
  • Consultancy for company acquisitions, sales and restructuring
  • Analysis and determination of the market value of a company
  • Ownership support in business management and strategic planning
  • Start-up of new projects (opening of new business unit / branch in Switzerland)
  • Company reorganisation
  • Optimization of costs, expenses and business processes
  • Management of business risks

“It’s not hard to know one thing, but to know how to make use of what you know.”

Han Fei Zi- Chinese Philosopher – 233 BC

Casa Uni B 4.5 locali con giardino

6673 Someo
CHF 790'000.–
4.5 rooms
215 m2

Appartamento 4.5 locali 2P

6596 Gordola
CHF 895'000.–
4.5 rooms
138 m2

Bellissima casa indipendente bifamiliare con piscina e giardino

6572 Quartino
CHF 1'560'000.–
9 rooms
284 m2

Rustico con terreno

6683 Cerentino
CHF 375'000.–
5 rooms
100 m2

Appartamento 2.5 locali 1P

6596 Gordola
CHF 585'000.–
2.5 rooms
82 m2

Casa Ticinese con terreno

6593 Cadenazzo
CHF 850'000.–
5 rooms
210 m2