Trust Services


  • Tax returns for companies and private persons
  • Establishment and management of companies incorporated under Swiss law
  • Tax consultancy for company relocation
  • Tax consultancy for the acquisition or disposal of companies
  • Tax planning for private individuals and legal entities in the area of inheritance

Accounting Management

  • Setting up and keeping financial accounts
  • Closure of annual accounts and preparation of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts
  • Management of practices relating to salaries and social security contributions. Consulting and preparation of VAT statements
  • Preparation of liquidity and financial plans for loans, restructuring and start-ups

Corporate Advice and Development

  • Feasibility studies and assistance for new company locations
  • Consultancy for company acquisitions, sales and restructuring
  • Analysis and determination of the market value of a company
  • Ownership support in business management and strategic planning
  • Start-up of new projects (opening of new business unit / branch in Switzerland)
  • Company reorganisation
  • Optimization of costs, expenses and business processes
  • Management of business risks

“It’s not hard to know one thing, but to know how to make use of what you know.”

Han Fei Zi- Chinese Philosopher – 233 BC

Casa Unifamiliare di 3.5 locali

6515 Gudo
CHF 498'000.–
3.5 rooms
96 m2

Rustico (da risanare)

28822 Socraggio
CHF 68'000.–
3.5 rooms
107 m2

Terreno edificabile in zona pregiata a Contone

6594 Vira (Gambarogno)
CHF 2'225'000.–
2'058 m2

Rustico / stalla (da ristrutturare) con vecchio forno

6631 Corippo
CHF 150'000.–
5.5 rooms
150 m2

Appartamento 5.5 duplex (da ristrutturare)

6983 Magliaso
CHF 599'000.–
5.5 rooms
203 m2

Appartamento 2.5 locali ampio e luminoso

6983 Magliaso
CHF 499'000.–
2.5 rooms
88 m2